Renewable Energy

Savills has a strong relationship with professional national and international property owners and investors, both in rural and urban areas. By uniting them, we can realise a successful development of large-scale energy projects on roofs, ground positions and agriculturally less profitable plots of land.

The central government aims for 14% of energy generated in the Netherlands to originate from renewable sources by 2020, paving the way for a fully renewable energy provision by 2050. Among other things, the authorities promote this by means of taxes on polluting fuels and subsidies for solar energy, for instance. These schemes, combined with the fact that there is always sunlight and the wide availability of funds, mean that it is very attractive to start investing in solar energy for a guaranteed and maximum return.

What we can do for you

We can help you by using unused space such as roof area and land, to produce green energy. You can use the generated energy to supply power directly to a building, replacing grey energy. You can sell any surplus energy to the grid. This new, long-term flow of income can make a positive contribution to the return of your investment and at the same time it preserves your property.

Our expertise

Our services in the field of renewable energy can roughly be divided into the following area of expertise:

  • Complete project coordination of projects yet to be developed
  • Advice about your current projects
  • The sale of both granted and completed projects
  • Acquisition support
  • Support for tendering processes

We are happy to discuss out extensive international track record in the field of renewable energy at a meeting.

The process

As a client, you benefit from our extensive experience, contacts and global network. Roughly speaking, the development cycle of solar energy projects encompasses the following stages:

  • Feasibility study at location level
  • Purchase and project budget
  • Permit and subsidy applications
  • Legal, financial and operational framework
  • Project management and completion

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