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Savills Asset Management offers high-quality services to property owners and their asset managers. Based on a solid property strategy, we aim to help our clients to set up and maintain a healthy portfolio.

What we can do for you

Our Asset Management services aim to simplify your job as a property owner and/or asset manager and to help you achieve your return objectives.

We take responsibility for the asset performance of our clients by managing the property from start to finish. Following on from the portfolio strategy, we translate this into operational benchmarks that optimise all aspects of the value of the property. We offer our clients periodic management information about the portfolio and monitor performances or property level. We can assist and instruct the appointment property manager, the property consultant or other consultants on behalf of the client. Our long-term commitment to our clients and their portfolio strategies means that we are as dedicated as the client to make the right decision for the portfolio. Our aim is to supply the management information in time, in a customised report. Our strategic advice, our periodic reporting procedures and or customer-oriented approach all form part of the asset management role.


Our expertise

Savills Asset Management is an independent section within Savills. The competitive advantage is that, apart from asset management, we also offer services such as property management, renting and investments. The big advantage of the combination of asset management and property management under a single roof is efficient and short lines of communication between the strategic procedure and operational implementation. The property management department already works closely together with the investment and letting departments for various portfolios, to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Another advantage is that our asset management services can be purchased as modules. In other words: you can use the entire set of services for your property or specific elements. As such, we offer customisation fully geared to your wishes, meeting your specific demand.

Our services

As owner and asset manager, you benefit from our extensive experience, contacts and international network. We offer the following services, as a complete package or as individual modules:

  • Preparing a detailed portfolio strategy
  • Risk analyses
  • Undertaking all activities aimed at retaining existing tenants
  • Undertaking all activities aimed at letting
  • Advice/second opinion about your strategy, risk analyses and/or due diligence studies
  • Management of renovation and maintenance projects

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